UV-C in Private Surgeries

Micro-organisms are drawn into the air disinfection system where they are subjected to UV-C radiation which destroys up to 99.9%.

Air disinfection systems such as Air Com from Advanced Air Hygiene provide air hygiene to industries through UVC light Air Stream is a highly effective air disinfection system that stops bacteria, mould, viruses and micro-organisms to build up in air conditioning systems through the use of UVC technology.

Surface disinfection systems

Surface disinfection systems are deployed in the food industry in order to disinfect equipment such as conveyor and deboning belts, filling machines, dough rising surfaces, foil and plastic lids.

The existence of micro-organisms on equipment is usually an unavoidable fact, and when they come into contact with foodstuffs, this can often greatly reduce the shelf life of the products.

In addition to this, micro-organisms can present a health risk. Equipment surfaces are intensively radiated with UV-C and depending on the dosage up to 99.9% of micro-organisms can be destroyed.

Our Products

Consistent disinfection of the circulating air in all production areas with the stand-alone circulating air units AirStream C or AirTube C or as additional equipment for ventilation systems in the form of AirStream , and AirStream V for circulating air evaporators. A further application is surface disinfection with the SurTech system or an integrated solution with the Compact lamp IP 65.


Regular microbial measurements demonstrate the effectiveness of this hygiene concept. On condition that the cooling chain is maintained, the shelf life achieved by the products is outstanding.