UV-C Technology in Ready Meal Production

The main concern of Ready Meal producers is the shelf life of the product. The cause of short shelf life can be from one of the components or surface contamination due to the condition of the ambient air. Deconstruction of the product is essential to identify the route cause of the problem.

AA Hygiene offer a consultancy service to assist in finding the problem and offering a solution. 


In order to specifically prevent contamination with micro-organisms, Advanced Air Hygiene makes use of the germicidal effect of light in the form of UV-C radiation. UV-C radiation on a wavelength of 253.7nm changes the germs’ genetic blueprint and the cell dies.

This wavelength has a lethal effect on all microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, moulds, yeasts and viruses. Depending on the dosage, the disinfection rate can be as high as 99.9%. Chemical or heat treatment is not necessary and UV-C radiation does not produce any ozone whatsoever.

Advanced Air Hygiene disinfection systems represent state-of-the-art technology in accordance with the VDI 6022 standard.


Installation of a UV-C disinfection unit specially designed for simple wall or ceiling mounting in small rooms, for example AirTube C and AirWetech, or AirStream C for larger rooms.

These units have an integrated ventilator and work continuously around the clock. If an evaporator cooler is installed in the store room or cool room, our AirTube or AirStream V can also be deployed. The Compact lamp IP 65 can also be integrated directly in ripening facilities.

The result is virtually no more coating on the products and no formation of mould. This removes the need for chemical treatment of the products as well as saving money and being good for customers’ health.

Air Duct

For installation in air-conditioning and ventilation systems.


Food Processing, Oil + Gas, Pharma and Hospitals


To be installed into existing or new Ventilation systems

Air Duct Pack

Solution for the effective disinfection of air in large un- cooled rooms.


Food Processing, Large Pharma, Bakeries, Fruit Storage


Fixed to existing ceilings c/w Fabric Air Distribution sock

Air Klean HD

Large Fan Cooler disinfection. Perfect for for large food production.


Food Processing Fruit + Veg Storage Bakeries, Large Butchers Storage and Maturation.


Installed on the discharge face of existing large coolers

UV-C Conveyor Tunnel

Protective dis-infection for conveyor belts in the baking and food processing industries.


Food Processing, Meat Maturation and storage. Fruit and Veg Storage.


UV-C Conveyor Tunnel can be tailored to suit your individual needs.


Mobile UVc Hood

Protective dis-infection for conveyor belts in the baking and food processing industries.


Food Processing Pharmacutical and Bakery


Mobile Hood to be installed over existing conveyor belts by simplely adjusting the frame height and then sliding to Hood into position over the belt

Our Solutions

UV-C radiation greatly reduces the operating and cleaning costs of air conditioning systems and has a large beneficial effect on employee health.


This beneficial effect on health can improve employee absence levels due to microbial-related sickness helping to make the team or individual more successful. Please see our air disinfection systems AirCom, AirStream and AirStream C and contact one of our specialists for an individual consultation.