AirKlean 1000

AirKlean 1000 Tube UV-C air disinfection unit has been specially developed for rooms with High Ceilings and large Fan Coolers.

Ideal for food industry applications to extend the shelf life of perishable  goods. The AirKlean 1000 has been specifically developed for chiller  rooms with integrated evaporators providing disinfection and odour  control. The unit is placed in front of the evaporator air outlet or air  cooler, where air can flow through the unit for disinfection and odor treatment, without obstruction, 24 hours a day. 

Using UV-C radiation at a wavelength of 253.7 nm the number of microbes is reduced. This wavelength has a lethal effect on microorganisms, such as bacteria, moulds, and yeasts. The low-pressure  UV-C emitters serve to generate the short-wave UV-C radiation, which provides a high level of radiant efficiency.

Meat Maturation and Storage

Air Hygiene plays a key role in retaining the quality of meat and associated products as micro-organisms that cause spoilage are able to spread easily via the air, causing contamination. The disinfection systems from Advanced Air Hygiene provide an efficient remedy to this problem.

Food Production

The main advantages of UV-C disinfection for food production are significantly improved plant hygiene, maintenance of quality and a longer shelf life for products.

Fruit & Veg Storage

Trials have also yielded very positive results for decontaminating fruit and vegetables such as strawberries, blackberries, carrots and potatoes.

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Product Specification


1000 mm




120-277Vac / 1 phase /50-60Hz



UV-C emitter 

2 x 55W

UV-C emitter life 


Protection class 

IP20 & IP65 options available


Teflon sheathed lamps available


Grade 304 stainless steel


10 kg


Performance data

91.5% germ kill 

UV-C light at 254nm is known as ‘germicidal’ UV-C because of its lethal effect on micro-organisms.  

Independent testing has been carried out by Plasma Clean at Leeds University in the UK. Using a biological indicator designed specifically for the pharmaceutical, food and medical device industries, a reduction of 91.5% was shown using Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores when exposed to UV-C. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Reduces spoilage of fresh produce and extends shelf life
  • Disinfects 24 hours a day
  • Is practically maintenance-free
  • Use with a chemical cleaner for a complete surface and air solution
  • Reduce the overall number of chemical cleaners required –
    more environmentally friendly, less
    hazardous and lower-cost option
  • Simple to retrofit