UV-C Technology for
Efficient Disinfection

Advanced Air Hygiene Ltd is one of Europe’s leading specialists in the disinfection of Air, Product and Surfaces utilising Ultra Violet Light in the C spectrum and Advanced Oxidation Technology. We design and manufacture systems that will increase the shelf life and reduce the spoilage in Food Processing and Storage.

With the advent of Covid 19, UVc has been identified as a major contributor to the fight against this virus. AAH has selected and developed many systems to help disinfect air in Hospitals, Waiting Rooms, Schools and offices.

Air Hygiene

UV-C plays a key role in the longevity and food safety of raw materials and products because micro-organisms that cause spoilage and food poisoning are able to spread easily via the air causing contamination.


We offer an extensive range of products for UV-C based disinfection of air, water surfaces, packaging or product, which can either be set up as stand-alone solutions or customised for simple integration into existing or planned air handling systems.

Butcher Testimonial

Hi Guys, Just wanted to tell you that the three Clean Air systems have been running now for 6 weeks and the difference is outstanding. The dry ageing process has improved all aspects of the species hanging Beef, Lamb, Pork and Venison. The bloom on all these products has improved just like you said it would. They have been without doubt a great purchase for the business with maturation and presentation looking fantastic which in turn leads to great eating quality. Thanks again, James.
James Heggie
Heggies of Hereford

Oil Industry

Advanced Air Hygiene have supplied many UVc solutions for offshore installations, most notably, the Inpex Ichthys gas field in Northern Australia

Food Production

UVc has been applied in many sectors of the Food Industry since it was discovered that the shelf life of the product can be extended, and spoilage reduced with introduction of UVc Systems. From the Dry Aging of Beef to the extended shelf life of Pork and Lamb. To the extended shelf life of processed Food and the elimination of Ethylene in storage. Surface decontamination of product during Low to High Care transfer.

Offices, Schools, Surgeries and Waiting Rooms

It had been clearly proved that employees, student absence due to sickness caused by microbial and endotoxic contamination of ventilation and air conditioning systems can be drastically reduced by the integration of UV-C systems. The study showed that UV-C radiation led to a 99% reduction in the concentration of microbes and endotoxins in the ventilation systems.

Respiratory problems in people studied fell by 40% and mucus membrane problems were reduced by 30%. Complaints involving muscular aches fell by 50% in the non-smoking group.

Replacement UVc lamps

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Low Care to High Care Transfer

When transferring products and packaging from Low Care to High Care environments it is essential to ensure that both are free from micro-organisms, pathogens and bacteria.

UVc technology is particularly suitable for the food industry, and designed to create clean environments in handling, processing and food storage rooms, so, at the time of handling, storage or
packaging, the product is not compromised by bacterial concentrations, fungi and other pathogens.

With the application of this technology, CFU concentrations (colony forming units) such as bacteria (e.g. E-coli, Salmonella, Listeria, etc.), Fungi, mould spores (e.g. Penicillium), yeasts and coliforms are drastically reduced.